As I have said in the comment section before, if you think “Jurassic Park” (and I’m, mainly, talking about the novel, not as much about its film adaptation) is about dinosaurs, you miss the point.

“Jurassic Park” is a comment about genetic engineering with dinosaurs used as a literary device to dramatize the point.

The line cited above is from a character named “Ian Malcolm”, who is a proponent of “chaos theory”, a branch mathematics (also known as nonlinear dynamics).

His antipathy towards genetically engineered dinosaurs may be well placed, but given his advocacy of “chaos theory”, I wouldn’t be surprised if he, or people like him, were proponents of the “precautionary principle”.

This is the character’s sense of life made known, more so in the novel than in the film adaptation.

Here is the scene in “Jurassic Park” where Ian Malcolm utters the line cited above:


Thanks for all this great content!

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Really enjoyed both this and the advertising pieces. Two areas of technology that I don’t personally get that excited about, I think because the potential doesn’t smack me in the face as clearly. It’s good to get that reminder and reframing from time to time.

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